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The cattery of British Shorthair ALLURE was founded in 2003, officially registered in the WCF system in 2006. Cattery Allure is a member of the Catland Club (Catland) and is located in St. Petersburg (Russia).

питомник ALLURE


The main goal of cattery ALLURE is Healthy and high-quality offspring! ALL cats of our cattery are "closed" for mating with animals from other clubs. This ensures the health of our pets and their children !

We are very serious about the health of our pets, so all our animals undergo a routine examination by a veterinarian, regular laboratory tests are conducted to confirm their health, annual vaccinations against viral diseases, preventive treatment for ecto and endoparasites ... .We are well aware that healthy kittens can born only from healthy parents. This, in turn, gives our customers the certainty that, having bought a kitten in the house, they can be calm for their health, because cats can be carriers of diseases and, in many respects, people's health can be related to the health of their pet.
All our cats have passed the analysis in the genetic laboratory for POLYCYSTIC KIDNEYS (PKD) and have negative results. This means that pets who have left our cattery can never get sick with this terrible genetic disease.
British kittens from our cattery are given to new owners only by fully vaccinated imported vaccines against major feline diseases (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, caltsevirus and rabies) at the age of 14-16 weeks



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